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The Dyson Information Portal is also a convenient gateway to a variety of other Dyson websites and resources. If it's about Dyson; you'll find it here. Here at our Dyson forums, you can learn the real truth about Dysons. Find out which Dyson is for you, the Dysons they never made and even about Dyson lemons (No, not the type you put in your drink).

Looking for Dyson spares? To your right, you will see a banner for "Dyson" parts Online", and a little further right, another for Dyson parts to the USA. Those banners take you to the well-known independent Dyson parts specialist Manchester Vacs.

You can get after-market Dyson compatible parts, often at a fraction of the price Dyson would charge you for a "genuine" part. Don't be fooled that over-priced "genuine Dyson parts" are inherently better than those made by other manufacturers.

After-market manufacturers often address the design weaknesses that were overlooked when the "original" parts were made. Here is a good example of how you can save money on Dyson parts: Dyson UK will charge you an eye-watering £12.25 for a Dyson DC14 crevice tool and a hefty £15.80 for a DC14 pre-motor filter. Yet a savvy buyer can get those items for £8.50 and £8 respectively here: Dyson DC14 Spares.

Recycled and used Dyson parts are another option you may wish to consider. Over our lifetime, each one of us throws away over three tonnes of old electrical products. To preserve our environment we need to look at ways of becoming more sustainable. Recycled Dyson parts that are carefully selected, tested and cleaned not only save you money, but are green too.

Dyson Spares & Parts
Dyson DC25 The Ball!

Are you a Dyson repairer or DIY enthusiast? On the forums and Dyson how-to blog, you can learn from the experiences of others. By asking your own questions, you will vastly improve your chances of repairing your Dyson without incident.

At the Dyson forums you will uncover the truth about repairing your Dyson and will come to appreciate even more the superb yet simple design that is built into every Dyson.

Whether you’re totally new to Dyson repairs, an enthusiastic amateur, or you’re successfully earning your living repairing Dysons, you are more than welcome to participate in a community of people just like you.

The Dyson Information Portal has helped countless people learn the tricks of the trade. If you are an experienced Dyson technician, come on in and teach others some of your tricks.

There is no limit to the Dyson questions that you can ask or answer on The Dyson forums, and the Dyson Medic blog is always open to comments, and can always use second opinions and alternative methods.

Some of the subjects include:

Vacuum Cleaner Advice
  • How to change a DC24 brush bar motor?
  • Will the parts from my DC04 fit my DC07?
  • Changing a DC07 bin flap catch.
  • Should you buy a reconditioned or new Dyson?
  • Where can I recycle my Dyson?
  • Sourcing a DC07 cyclone top handle in the US.
  • How to change a DC14 bin flap.
  • Why don't Dyson sell cyclone components separately?
  • How to wash my Dyson filters?
  • When should I replace my HEPA filter?
  • Can I wash my HEPA filter?
  • Where can I get Dyson service in South Africa?
  • Is there a Dyson shop in Manchester?
  • Can you still get Dyson DC01 parts?
Dyson Advice Forums
Dyson DC27
Fixing my Dyson
  • Can you buy a Dyson DC07 workshop manual?
  • How to change a Dyson clutch.
  • What is a Dyson air muscle?
  • My DC16 blew up!
  • Replacing the bottom hose.

Dyson terminology explained
  • What is a Zorbster?
  • Is a "multi floor" different to an "all floors"?
  • What is an "absolute" Dyson?
  • What is an "arctic solo" model?
  • What does "HEPA" mean?
Which Dyson to buy?
  • Why should I buy a Dyson?
  • Should I buy a Dyson or a Hoover, Sebo or Kirby?
  • Dyson "The Ball" or a standard upright?
  • Upright or cylinder (canister) Dyson vacuum cleaner?
  • Are the Dyson hand-held Dysons good vacuum cleaners?
The Dyson forums feature a comprehensive repository of general Dyson information; a veritable Dysonpedia if you like, which is gradually turning into an encyclopaedia through the contributions of all our membership.

We are also fortunate that our membership includes a number of Dyson specialists, from all over the world, who provide us with their invaluable perspective on Dyson repairs and Dyson products.

Once you join our community you’ll be able to view photos, send personal messages to other members, ask your own questions and get all the information you need.

Dyson Medic Blog

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